Meet Hue.
The first fully Trustless stablecoin.

Trustless By Default

Hue is a self contained set of economic incentives that do not require trust.

No Venture Capital Money

TCP was created without taking on investment - it is owned only by those that contribute directly.

Governance Minimized

Governance automatically decays after a year.

Community Owned

80% of TCP is controlled by the community.

Backed by Eth

TCP only accepts Eth as collateral.

Trustless Prices

Uniswap V3 provides instant prices, deeper liquidity and a more stable peg.

Tokenized Debt Positions

TCP introduces a new financial primitive.

Instant Transactions

zkSync roll-up architecture provides the speed.

100x Less Gas Cost

zkSync gets cheaper with more transactions.

Autonomous Interest Rates

Interest rate changes are handled automatically by the protocol.